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HTML5 games – Playing on all devices

The proliferation of mobile devices is unstoppable. What makes HTML5 – Games and Apps successful?

Gaming on mobile devices

The proliferation of mobile devices is increasing steadily, and also the use of mobile games is becoming increasingly important.

According to a representative survey by the GfK market research institute on behalf of the BIU (German Association of Interactive Entertainment Software) it shows that more than 16 million Germans are using their smartphone for games. This corresponds to 38% of owners of modern mobile phones – with a rising trend.

HTML5 games – flexible and performant

The requirements for HTML5 games are different depending on the use, duration and target audience. What makes a game successful?

For all HTML5 – games and applications from editorial quizzes to sophisticated casual and serious games similar technical assumptions apply.

The game is platform independent, tested and bug-free, has a faster loading time and starts quickly, fits seamlessly into the portal or microsite and is always displayed in the best way. There is no download, no installation or a plug-in required.

Customers benefit from increased reach and efficiency through independent development for all devices. The application is easy to localize and expandable, a connection to existing interfaces such as single sign-on is possible.

All this can be done through HTML5 and the use of appropriate frameworks and engines. The responsive design covers the required display sizes.

On the way to a successful game

An addictive game play begins with easy-to-learn mechanics and lives of appealing graphics, atmospheric music, motivating experiences and appropriate game depth.
Stable and high-performance HTML5 – engines such as Phaser, pixi.js and Play Canvas are providing positive gaming experiences. The development team has access to all media assets at all times.

We look forward to your projects and challenges!