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Online Game Garden Panic

Online Game Garden Panic
Online Game Garden Panic
  • 30 Levels, 5 types of plant, 13 enemies
  • Level editor and exchange
  • Reward and trophy system for long lasting fun
  • Available as Mobile, Online and Download Game

About this project...

In collaboration with our partner BigFish Games we created an extraordinary garden adventure. Aim of the game is to save gently grown strawberries from being attacked by nasty vermin; without the use of any bio-weapons. Pea canons, tomato plants, and toxic cacti are turned into helpful tools stopping the greedy attackers in 30 exciting levels.

Skills, smartness, and last but not least the so called 'green thumb' serves to successfully gardening and finally reach the goal. Thirteen different enemies are trying their best to prevent the player from doing so. Special game features are an optional level editor with which one can create new challenges; defending plants and many others. GardenPanic is available as Mobile, Online, and Download Game.