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Game Design, Mobile Game

Mobile game 4 in a row

Mobile game 4 in a row
Mobile game 4 in a row
Mobile game 4 in a row
Mobile game 4 in a row
  • Available on all iDevices
  • Implemented as multi and single player game, high scores
  • Automatic adjustment of game moves to the player's skillfulness

About this project...

Dutyfarm developed a mobile version of '4 in a row' available on all iDevices. Aim of the game is to allocate 4 chips of the same colour in one row without being sabotaged by competitors whose mission is the same. Especially logic and concentration skills are demanded by this game.

Besides its classic game design, '4 in a row' offers amazing animations and the choice between playing against real opponents from all over the world, or computer generated competitors. Choosing the latter, computer generated moves will orientate on the player's skills.

Regardless to the device, be it iPad, iPod Touch, at home or on the run, in multiplayer or single player fashion, this classic game in a new look is a best seller.