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Online Game

Online Game Deluxe Pool

Online Game Deluxe Pool
Online Game Deluxe Pool
Online Game Deluxe Pool
  • Realistic game-physics and design
  • Single-player and multi-player modes
  • High scores determining the best pool player

About this project...

Dutyfarm developed for Customers Miniclip and Gamesload an online version of the popular leisure as well as professional activity pool. Aim of the game is to put the balls into the pocket in a particular sequence by means of excellent targeting skills and an eagle eye.

The player needs to hit the balls with the right speed as well as the appropriate angle to navigate them into the right pocket. Reference lines project the course of white as well as the targeted ball. Moreover, Deluxe Pool can be played both in a single player mode competing against computer generated opponents; as well as in a multiplayer mode in which players compete against one another.