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Tele Columbus Gruppe
Graphic Design, Online, Software Development

Tele Columbus Info-Channel

Tele Columbus Info-Channel
Tele Columbus Info-Channel
Tele Columbus Info-Channel
  • Broadcasting Tele Columbus's info-channel for customers in cable television
  • Fully automated play-out, teletext, ticker, and product videos
  • Editorial-CMS for 'My Berlin', audio-book presentations

About this project...

Dutyfarm created, developed, designed and realised an information channel for the Tele Columbus Group. Tele Columbus's customers were provided with an independent and integrated channel added to their regular cable television.

The info-channel informed – on a daily basis - about channel occupancies of TV and Radio channels, broadcasted teletexts including elementary information, and served as a platform for product related videos and news about the Tele Columbus Group.

An especially realised Berlin-Magazin, providing interesting facts and insights about Germany's capital, as well as a free hourly audio-book presentation diversified the channel's offer.